Meet the Steel City Rollers

Linz Roller Derby was founded in May 2015 as the second flat track roller derby league in Austria. LRD is a non-profit organisation that is run by the skaters for the skaters. Our members are comprised of skaters, referees, coaches and volunteers. As a flat-track league, we follow the international rules of the WFTDA.

Our goals are to become a recognised force within the international roller derby community and to develop derby as a legitimate sport in Austria and our region, by exhibiting athleticism, skill, hard work and professionalism.

So, we’re in Austria, why is it english then?

Because Roller Derby is a sport that just swam over the big ocean all the way from the US and Canada heading towards europe and is attracting a multilingual, international audience. LRD members come all the way from Canada, USA, Brazil, Austria and Germany (hehe…). But don’t worry, there’s no need of an english diploma to get along with us.


more infos coming soon

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