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— NEWS —

June, 29th, 2016


We played our first scrimmage against Roller Derby Regensburg last sunday! This has been the day we all were looking forward to since we started LRD. We aimed towards this goal for more than a year and finally the day has arrived! It was more than just a scrimmage, it was the biggest day in our young team history.

Thank you so much for inviting us! It was a pleasure to skate with/against you and we are more than overwhelmed that Linz + Munich could take home the first win! It was a tough and close game with tie at halftime and we could score the last final points because of an awesome lead change in the last jams. Final score 195:201 :) What a game!

Not only we won the game, we also took home so much new experience, we got to know awesome derby people and we gained so much new energy and motivation for upcoming events! our team has gotten stronger, our team stands together!

Thank you so much Munich Rolling Rebels and Delta Quads for supporting us!! Without you, the refs and NSO’s this scrimmage would not have taken place!

See you next time! much derby <3

photos coming up soon!

June, 9th, 2016

and only three weeks left til our first scrimmage against Roller Derby Regensburg!

Thank you so much Munich Rolling Rebels and Delta Quads for supporting us!!

If you happen to be around Regensburg, drop us a message and we’ll let you know where you can watch us fight against the Rolling Rat Pack! This scrimmage is not public, so invitational and per request only!


June 26th, first whistle at 2pm


in the heart of Regensburg

Can’t wait to skate! <3

June, 8th, 2016

only 3 days left til the first Trendsporttag!

LRD will have an awesome place to skate just beneath the Lentos Museum. We’ll be there from 11-9pm, offering skate action and Derby in socks (in this case sport shoes) starting at 12pm, 2pm, 4pm and 6pm.

For those of you who want to skate – we have skates and protective gear you can loan!

Drop by and have fun with LRD! See you on Saturday!

More infos via our fb-page and/or via Kick it, try it, DO IT!